Inscrutably Strange

If you can get in touch easier with Visa Concierge than you can your significant other, it might be time to charge a hacksaw and cut the fat. 

Jun 19

Can you laugh yourself into a nervous breakdown? Short answer: Yes.

Jun 17
On Laughter

"Forgive" is a tattoo you won’t find inside the novelty machine at your local pizzeria. 

Jun 2
On Tokens

Is “too busy for a life crisis” a motto? If it is I live by it.

Jun 2
On Life

Where to dump your illegitimate vacation baby is a popular topic that most travel literature doesn’t cover. 

Jun 2
On Travel

Giving yourself a fictional title doesn’t make it any more factual.

May 31
On Business

Using Facebook for the exploratory purpose of stalking ex-high school crushes is much like a military vet surveying the land around him riddled with empty shells and bullet holes. Except when I say I dodged a bullet, I mean it figuratively not literally. 

May 30
On Peaking Early

Is it possible to place yourself within an iconic movie scene? Because I’d really like to relive the closing of Black Swan where she stabs herself in a fit of schizophrenic rage. 

May 20
On Self-Mutilation

If you’ve become something you don’t like, beat the shit out of it until it turns into something else.

May 11
On The Self

Not conforming or participating in the politics of art is an art within itself. 

Apr 23
On Kissing Ass